Enduro in Summer & Winter

A Andalusia, Southern Spain. Enduro paradise!

Endurosport is not coincidentally popular sport. The region of the champions, the venue of the Enduro World Championship 2017.

There are no better conditions than at the foot of Sierra Nevada.

B Lot’s of Sunshine

In the winter months, Andalusia offers more than 320 days of sunshine per year and the lowest-hit region of the European Enduro Riders the perfect relationship between weather conditions and conditions at temperatures of 15 to 25 ° C.

C  Pure Nature

Enduro riding  in pure nature on fantastic slopes, which is otherwise so nowhere. Kilometer long full-throttle trips on the dream beach between surf and dunes, stream and river passages of the finest, donkey trails, gravel trails, high mountains, fire blows, trial sections, all in impressive, unspoiled nature

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